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Nobska Point Insurance offers a collection of insurance plans designed to be the most efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive way for our clients to stay safe and protected. By enrolling in this bundled plan featuring health insurance, dental & vision discounts, short & long term disability insurance, life insurance, and critical illness insurance, our clients and their families can feel comfortable that they can handle anything life throws at them.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“If you are in need or just curious about rates, just give the world’s best agent [Trey Walker] a call. He has helped many of us.” - John Tedder (via Facebook), August 25, 2015

“I listened when Trey Walker talked and he is saving us $790 a month and we have better coverage with a [smaller] deductible.” - Linda Caffee, Trucking Solutions Group

"Thanks for everything, you guys are great. We now have insurance thanks to y’all.” - Kenny Capell, Owner/Operator

Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance
Not enrolled in health insurance?

We specialize in helping drivers enroll in subsidized health insurance plans from some of the nation’s largest and well-known carriers.

Miss open enrollment?

We offer a number of solutions for getting you coverage, and we will personally assist you through the process.

Short & Long Term Disability Insurance
What would you do if your income stopped?

Providing for your family involves being prepared for the unexpected. That includes having disability income insurance in place should an injury or illness keep you from working.

Your income is your most valuable asset.

It supports the lifestyle you and your family enjoy today and the financial goals you work years to achieve. If your income stopped because you were unable to work, how would you pay your bills? Would you have to use your savings or retirement funds, borrow money from family or sell your home?

Smart financial planning includes having disability income insurance in place to help pay the bills and protect your other assets if you’re unable to work due to an injury or illness.

Critical Illness Insurance

Designed with your recovery in mind, our critical illness advantage portfolio pays a lump sum benefit in the event of a diagnosis of a critical illness. With healthcare premiums rising and increases in treatment costs, many of our clients use critical illness insurance to help cover the difference between expenses and what their health plan covers.

Life Insurance

Nobska Point Insurance offers guaranteed issue life insurance which means you’re automatically approved without any questions asked, and simplified issue life insurance, which means that you will automatically be approved after a few basic medical questions.

Since guaranteed and simplified issue policies don’t require a medical examination, you’ll have a quote within minutes and your rate will be locked in at the time of application. Contact us today for our policy pricing and details.

Dental & Vision Insurance

We have a variety of dental and vision plan options to select from, so you can choose the coverage that fits your needs and budget. Many of our dental plans have no waiting periods before covering major services, and can be bundled with vision for additional savings.

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